What Does a Subaru Legacy Weight?

Undoubtedly, in case you are a Subaru Legacy owner, at least once you might have wondered about its weight. This total can be valuable in various typical and uncommon cases, and actually in incidents when an automobilist doesn't suppose it. Whether or not you came to a decision to tow the Subaru Legacy or maybe wished to wheel across a wimpy wooden-made platform (you better change the opinion), this piece of information will regularly be a perk.

Excellent, in case you wish to smoke out more respecting your determined Subaru Legacy weight slants, you can pinpoint the available figures after the text in the charts and tables from our company's pros. The personnel spent weeks and have been finally able to expose all the stats and details in a grouped and crafty manner. We ask you to take into consideration that these specifications related to Subaru Legacy`s weight fluctuate based on distinct engine kinds, years of manufacture, and accessories.


How much does my Subaru Legacy weigh?

Subaru Legacy (fourth generation). Curb weight:1,300–1,500 kg (2,900–3,200 lb)

How much does a 2010 Subaru Legacy weigh?

3,275 lbs.

What is the average weight of a Subaru?

It is important to know how much your Subaru Impreza weighs in calculating its towing capacity. Your Impreza weighs between 2,910 and 3,417 pounds. The model year and trim level of your vehicle will determine its exact curb weight (the weight before loading in passengers or baggage).

What is the heaviest Subaru?

The all-new Subaru Ascent is the biggest Subaru available today, outranking both the Subaru Outback and Subaru Forester.

How many pounds does a Subaru Legacy weigh?

2018 Subaru Legacy Specs: Curb Weight 3459 - 3523 pounds

What is a normal car weight?

Average Vehicle Weight

According to EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) data, the average weight of an automobile in 2022 was around 4,094 pounds, which is only a slight increase compared to 2018's 4,000 pounds.

What is a good weight for a car?

Average compact car weight - 2,600 to 3,000 pounds. Average midsize car weight - 3,300 pounds. Average large car weight - 4,400 pounds. Average subcompact SUV - 3,000 to 3,500 pounds.

What is the GVM weight of the vehicle?

Gross vehicle mass (GVM): the sum of Tare and Payload. Gross combination mass (GCM): the sum of the gross vehicle mass of the towing vehicle and maximum towing capacity as stated by the manufacturer.

How many pounds is a Subaru Legacy?

2020 Subaru Legacy Curb Weight - 3516 pounds