How Much Does the 2008 Subaru Legacy Weight?

Curb Weight Max Payload
2.5GT spec.B 4dr Sedan
Curb Weight: 3,400lbs
Max Payload: 1,035lbs
2.5GT Limited 4dr Sedan
Curb Weight: 3,365lbs
Max Payload: 1,070lbs
3.0R Limited 4dr Sedan
Curb Weight: 3,365lbs
Max Payload: 1,070lbs
2.5i 4dr Sedan
Curb Weight: 3,270lbs
Max Payload: 1,055lbs
2.5i Limited 4dr Sedan
Curb Weight: 3,265lbs
Max Payload: 1,060lbs

Every time a longing of knowing the weight of your respective 2008 Legacy crops up, it is important for each automobile lover to understand what they would weigh precisely. There are sundry courses, depending on what is your aspiration of this kind of measurement - gross car weight (GVW), curb weight, payload, highest loaded trailer weight, gross axle weight, plus some more. The visible difference is based on or eliminating passengers with the vehicle driver, cargos, all other things you was about to tow along with the 2008 Legacy, and so on. In addition, the weight which is supported by both rear and front axles must be equally focused on.

It is surely largely known that your own auto`s weight differs alltogether with its model and year of make. In this degree a car owner may get this data for certain 2008 Legacy by means of the owner`s manual or looking at the side entrance sill. Still, the company`s experts set up a far more obvious way. They carried on without a break to display you here and now uncomplicated and sharp tables with 2008 Legacy weight, a viewer solely needs to find the necessary backup.